Auntie Meme's Cakes
is now
The Cake Queen!
What we do...

is help you celebrate the special moments in life.
Premium ingredients, unparalleled quality
and designs that are truly impressive.

The family that received this cake was happier than pigs in... triple chocolate!
The little boy that received this cake didn't want to eat the chocolate bulldozer, he wanted to take it to bed and play with it!
This Saturday at the Regina Farmer's Market:
Christmas Cupcakes and muffins! Try our new gingerbread flavour!
We will also have a selection of slices
and of course brownies!

    Whatever you can imagine...

    A folded quilt that made they day for the quilter that received it!

    ...we can probably make for you...

    The stories Hank could tell about Dory!

    ...Just give us a call!

    This Godzilla is about 2 feet tall!

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